About Saturdaisy

Saturdaisy OutreachSaturdaisy is a flower/mission outreach program Mrs. Suzy LeBrun’s 4th-6th graders are carrying out at a small Christian school called Brevard Adventist Christian Academy.

The focus of Mrs. LeBrun’s classroom has been on missions and how each and every one of us can be a missionary.  The class discussed and developed all the things that makes a good missionary but kept coming back to 3 themes:

  • Be kind to others
  • Let them know how important they are
  • Tell them Jesus loves them.

“This became our goal as a class,” Mrs. LeBrun said.  ”We wanted people to know they were loved by us and Jesus.   We talked at length on how we could accomplish our mission.   It became clear that our first step was to do something kind for others.   Out of this discussion has come our mission program Saturdaisy.”

Saturday OutreachSaturdaisy is a weekend flower distribution outreach program.  Every Saturday the student’s mission is to let someone know they are special and that God loves them.  They look for a person who is in need of our flowers. The students approach the person and give them a bouquet of flowers, they then ask this person if they can pray for them and with them.  On each bouquet is our mission statement and link to our website.

This website is here to tell our story of reaching out to others, and for those who have been blessed with flowers to tell their story, get in contact with us, and leave prayer requests.  Our mission is through flowers to let everyone know how important they are and how much God loves them!