Everglades Trip 2013

Camping in Everglades Saturdaisy OutreachIn February, 2013 the upper grades students from Brevard Adventist Christian Academy traveled to Everglades in Southeast Florida for a 3 night, 4 night educational trip, along with students from Gateway Christian School (Mount Dora, FL).  Students traveled to Seminole-Collier State Park in Naples Florida, where we set up camp.

The goal of the trip was for students to study the many different ecosystems located in this area, as well as the wildlife, and to conduct research.  The students were first exposed to a small zoo that represents many of the common wildlife found in southern Florida, such as Key West Roosters and Alligators.

Everglades Trip Saturdaisy OutreachWe then began our study of the different types of ecosystems in this area.   The students canoed a brackish river system.  In this ecosystem they were able to observe the different types of mangroves, as well as crabs, and fish.

Next we went and looked at the ecosystems found by the Gulf of Mexico.  Here students studied different bird species, as well as the different types of shells found onthe beach.  Students collected shells and memorized the name of each type.

The students also investigated an inlet close to the Gulf.  The students were able to walk across the inlet to reach the Gulf.  They were very excited to walk across the body of water, and discovered several different species of animals along the way. They also spent some time swimming in the ocean.


Overall the trip was a huge success.  Some of the students had never experienced the Everglades and the diversity of wildlife that can be found.  And I’m sure they enjoyed getting out of the classroom and learning in nature about all the wonderful things God has  created.